A Customized Road Map to Learning

Learning takes place when a person takes their prior knowledge, or schema, and builds upon it, making connections with new ideas. All learning has a starting point, but that point will differ from one student to the next. It is our job as educators to create a road map that our students can follow, allowing them to enter and exit as they need to. We know that to get from point A to point B, there are endless routes, and no route is wrong, but they will all lead a person to the same ultimate goal. Some will be longer than others, some will force us to take a detour, or back-track, but ultimately we can all find success if we continue to persevere.

I believe this is similar to what happens in a successfully tech-integrated classroom. Teachers can allow students to work at their own pace, and utilize their prior knowledge to enter the route at the place where they best fit. One might call this the customized road map to learning, and technology is simply the working car that helps us to get there. Read my Essay Here


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