Screencast: Introducing the Maker Faire!

Before today, I had probably seen thousands of screencasts, but would never have known how to categorize them. A screencast is simply a digital recording composed of different images, and often contains narration. To make it simpler, Wikipedia described a screencast as a series of screenshots and added audio.

My partner in crime, @rwhita01, and I used Educreations on an iPad to create our screencast, explaining what a Maker Faire is. We found that there was a learning curve to using this technology, because you are limited in what, and how you can create things, however we also found that by using Google to troubleshoot, it took about 30 minutes to do our research, create our plan, and record our screencast.

It was optional to create on the computer, but we opted for the device that we believe is becoming more of a staple in a classroom. For teachers who only have a few iPads in their classrooms, and they wonder what types of activities would work, creating screencasts in small groups or partners may be a great way to utilize technology within the realm of inquiry based learning.

See our Screencast Here!


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