Evernote: It’s time to Simplify and Organize teacher-life

Evernote is a digital hub that crosses devices and applications to create an incredible user experience. Simply: it is a comprehensive workspace where users can write, collect, find and present information. As a teacher, and someone who is checks email too much, I found that the benefits of using Evernote to keep track of my email, to-do lists, class notes, sticky notes, and everything else are endless.

Using ideas presented in The Secret Weapon, @bradwever taught our cohort how to use Evernote and get to “Inbox Zero.” I was previously using my Gmail as a storage hub, but as Brad showed us, it may start in our mailboxes, but things that need to get done or information we want archived should ultimately be sent to Evernote and tagged. The ability to create an organizational hub in Evernote will ultimately allow people to combine the paper past to the paperless present, especially by using the Scannable app. From this organizational mind, I believe Evernote is where we need to go to truly minimize our time spent in the inbox.


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