Lesson Version 1.0

When I started the MAET program this week, I decided to change my learner-habits. I, too often, get bogged down in creating calendars and organizing documents, and I tend to lose sight of my learning. With my teachers unlocking only one day at a time, I have been forced to take things as they come, which has been incredibly beneficial for me. After only a few days of class, I have found that even an assignment like the one I am writing about today is enhanced by my ability to stay “in the moment” and only focus on one step at a time.

In this lesson version 1.0 assignment, we were asked to take an existing lesson, or one we want to try, and put it into a Google Doc. I know we will be revising this plan throughout the course, and I am excited to see where it goes. I chose to use a lesson that I prepared for an interview this summer.

The lesson I prepared was a mini-lesson, and was designed for only 10 students. In the plan I created for this assignment, I tailored it to a full class lesson, and altered the content to be split into two days. I decided that with combining like-terms, the explanation of variables and like-terms should be given its own day, then simplifying should have a separate day.

I chose this lesson because I truly believe one of the biggest gaps in algebra understanding lies in this fundamental idea of variables, like-terms, and simplifying. To learn about solving equations, these concepts need to be fully understood and mastered. I hope that as we continue to revise our lessons, I can draw from the other people’s expertise in the #MAET cohort, and learn from their experiences in teaching these concepts, since right now my lesson is (mostly) hypothetical.

See the Lesson Plan for Day 1


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