I got some Flipspiration today during FlipCon15 while listening to the hilarious and engaging keynote from Paul Anderson. Last year in my graduate courses, I was asked to do an inquiry on something I wanted to try in my classroom.

Keynote from FlipCon. My flipped relationship told by emojiis
Keynote from FlipCon. My flipped relationship told by emojiis

I had heard about the Flipped Classroom but didn’t know enough to implement it. I did some research and ultimately landed on Flipping 2.0, written by Jason Bretzmann. In this book, the biggest takeaway was that

there is no single definition of a flipped classroom.

Additionally, the flipped classroom is no longer one in which we simply digitize a lecture. The true flip of a classroom includes the flipping of control, from teacher to students. Paul Anderson said it best today, that flipping is like going from being the bus driver on the school bus of your classroom, to handing all 30 kids the keys to their very own cars. It doesn’t mean we are giving students free reign, it means we are giving them the flexibility to work at their own pace, and up to the heights that they can reach when we encourage high standards.

Tweet with Jason Bretzmann
Tweet with Jason Bretzmann

I also got to participate today in a discussion with fellow flipper and writer of the book I read: Jason Bretzmann. This was my first conference as an educator, and the ability to engage with other teachers through TweetDeck and Twitter was an incredible experience.

Although the teachers in the room were all hidden behind screens and devices, the conversation about Anderson’s words was alive online! In my own classroom, when my students acted out The Crucible, I asked the other students in the room to send in their comments to a private site, and they were told they had to use hashtags.

While I myself assigned this activity and enjoyed how it played out in the room, I haven’t engaged in this same type on conversation on Twitter before my MAET course. I have found that by engaging, rather than lurking, I am contributing to the conversation, and even as a new teacher, my input can be valued.

Going forward, I hope to continue to participate in these types of conferences, because there is something incredibly powerful about teachers being able to engage with one another through multiple platforms.


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