Storytelling Prose and Digital Woes

Deviating from our usual Go Go Gadget, I love technology attitudes, today we struggled through the Popcorn Maker quickfire. Really struggled.

We may have even uttered the forbidden phrase: “I hate technology!” Just don’t tell our instructors!

Our assignment was to remix existing videos, images and information using Popcorn Maker, while teaching our audience about a tech term. We chose Digital Storytelling, realizing that our audience would learn about Digital Storytelling while watching a digital story (clever, huh?).

We mapped it out and found the clips and pictures on Vimeo, Google, Flickr and Smore. We then had to import our digital media into our Popcorn Maker. Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong.


Initially, Hayley added a SoundCloud clip, and it created a layer to our video. We found that we could add different layers onto our video by watching a few tutorials and playing around.

Then the confusion hit. How do we upload or embed our media? We then troubleshot for about 30 minutes, before stumbling upon a How To video created by Popcorn Maker, that helped us see how the layers interact.

While we learned how to add text and images to different layers, we still were struggling to upload media. Our clock was counting down, and we felt like we were nowhere.

This quickly became an inquiry activity for us. We considered how this would play out in our classrooms, and discussed that Popcorn Maker would be a platform we would need to teach before encouraging our students to use it.

We also considered how the Creative Commons license came into play. Having to find media that had a CC license made this project more difficult. Usually, in school we will simply grab photos from Google, and cite the URL. This week, after studying Copyright laws, we wanted to ensure that all of our media remixing was above board.

15 more minutes.

10 more minutes.


FINALLY! Lightbulb! Hayley found that she could drag the files from her downloads right onto the screen and add them to a layer.

Now, coming right up to the wire, we could piece everything together to create our digital story. In a scramble to finish in the time limit, we threw everything together.

To see our Popcorn Maker Digital Story, click HERE.

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