Heating Up

For all the 20 somethings out there like me, who pin fabulous recipes and think, someday I should learn how to cook: someday has arrived.

I’ve always enjoyed baking, but when I try to cook, nothing ever turns out how I expected. Living at home during my student teaching, I allowed myself to be lazy. Typically when I have to make food for myself, I resort to pancakes, cereal, a sandwich, or something I can microwave.


For my MAET course this summer, I am required to put on my #Maker attitude and do-it-myself. I have to learn how to do something, using only digital resources like blogs, forums and YouTube videos. Looking back on my PLN mind map, Pinterest stood out as the DIY hub of my online networks. When I got on Pinterest, I started out looking for a new craft idea. After running through my pins, I realized that I have already made many of my pinned crafts, and doing a craft activity probably wasn’t going to be a challenge for me.

With hesitation, I went into the food tab, where I have pinned hundreds of recipes, and cooked a total of 0. A cooking challenge will force me outside of my comfort zone, and likely will lead to iterations and failures along the way. The beauty of having to do something for a class, is that you can get out of your comfort zone, because in a class, it is okay to go through those iterations. It is okay to fail.

from The Laughing Spatula
from The Laughing Spatula

Not a red meat lover, I typically buy Morningstar burgers to satisfy my “grilling” experience. For this project, I decided to try my hand at making burgers that are red meatless and that [hopefully] taste good. I searched through my Pinterest board to find ideas, and quickly realized that there was more than one red meat alternative I wanted to try.

To continue my search for recipes, I used Yummly, an app and online recipe search engine, that connects users to different blogs that have posted highly rated recipes. After scrolling through Yummly, I decided that trying just one recipe would not qualify me as a Grill Master, a title I plan to have after this project. I plan to try three different recipes, a Chicken Avocado Burger, a Greek Turkey Burger, and a Buffalo Quinoa Burger.

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