EDpuzzle Demo SLAM


Ok, let’s start over. A Demo SLAM is a tech demonstration, sped up, and done in front of a live, engaged audience. At the end, the presenter must say “SLAM” and the audience echoes it back.

The Demo SLAM was created by Google, and people do this at home, and create short videos, as well as at Google conferences, where they allow anyone to SLAM at the end of their conference.

In preparation for our in-class SLAM, I created a screencast, that could be shared. This took way too many takes, but it does serve as a good reference for EDpuzzle, the application I demonstrated.

During our GREAT16 conference, I decided to SLAM EDpuzzle, for a bigger live audience. Myself and two other educators were responsible for putting the SLAM portion together, so the video shows my initial intro as well. This video is more indicative of a SLAM you would see at the end of a Google conference.

Overall, this experience showed me that putting yourself out there, and challenging yourself, even if you make a mistake, is moving you forward. I believe this experience, especially the conference experience helped me grow as a presenter.


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